Introducing Copilot Copilot is the first AI-powered assistant for financial modellers. It is designed to accelerate the development of new financial models, the migration of models from legacy platforms, the creation of model documentation, and the in-depth analysis & understanding of model inputs and results. Copilot

Following its launch in mid-2023, we are now in the process of adding Copilot features across the platform to support a range of tangible use cases.

Turbo-Charged Model Development already offers a range of features to accelerate model development and reduce time to productivity. The new Copilot features in Model Development Studio accelerate development activity even further by using GenAI to perform much of the heavy-lifting associated with financial model development. For customers migrating from other platforms, this can acclerate conversion projects from months to weeks. Copilot

Accelerating model development with Copilot

Rapid Migration from Legacy Platforms

Our clients are already using the features of Excel Model Adapter to migrate spreadsheet-based models across to the platform. The new Copilot features being added to Excel Model Adapter are making this process even smarter, with vastly reduced conversion effort and timelines.

Enriched Documentation of Models

The Documentation Service already provides the ability to create comprehensive and well-structured documentation of any model. The new Copilot features being added to the Documentation Service will add a new dimension to the documentation process and help users appreciate the what and why of model functionality.

Insight and Understanding of Data & Results

The Analytics Copilot will provide users with incredible insight into any aspect of the data used or created by models. Whether the user wants to understand specific features of policy data or understand the implications of assumption changes, the Analytics Copilot will add a layer of insight not previously available in a financial modelling platform.

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