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Navigating the complexities of the modelling project lifecycle can be daunting, but with Software Alliance’s specialised consulting services, you’re in capable hands.

Armed with extensive actuarial knowledge and an award-winning financial modelling platform, we are uniquely positioned to provide solutions that are tailored to your business objectives.

Our Services

If you're in development, we help you get to production faster. If you're in production, we help you fix, optimise, or do whatever else is needed to keep you moving. We solve problems at any stage in the project lifecycle on any aspect of your environment, including performance tuning, capacity planning and more.

Model Design & Development

Trust us to build your models using best practice techniques. We'll assist you in developing new or enhancing existing products and ensuring compliance with key regulations like the Pensions Dashboard and IFRS17.


We will expertly review your existing model's performance, and provide you with a comprehensive report highlighting actionable recommendations to improve the model's structure and function code.


Guided by Azure Architectural principles, our technical consultants will assess your environment setup and offer strategic enhancements to meet the needs of actuarial and IT departments.


For new and existing clients, we will understand your functional & non-functional modelling requirements and recommend the best overall solution design for your specific environment.


For customers with complex use cases, we'll work closely with you to understand your needs, potentially expanding our product's features and functionality, or customising one or more of our offerings specifically to address your requirements.


Whether there is a requirement to integrate with customer-facing websites or back-office administration platforms, we can help you setup and implement our platform components within your various environments.

Resource Augmentation

Are you short on resources? Allow us to provide a Project Manager, modelling specialist, or actuarial expert to support your BAU operations, cater to specific project requirements, or assist during periods of intense activity.


For users across all levels of expertise and experience, enhance the return on your software investment by deepening your knowledge and honing your skills through specialised training.

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Why Choose Us

We aim to set you on a path of sustainable success, guide you with best practices to do it on your own the next time, and provide you with expertise and implementation services to help you build, run and optimise your modelling ecosystem.

Here are just some of the consultants who are ready to work with you.

✔ Project / Programme Oversight
✔ Solution Architecture & Design
✔ Business Intelligence Strategy & Direction
✔ Data Management & Governance
✔ Systems Integration

✔ Project Management
✔ Model Simplification & Opimisation
✔ Model Automation & BPM
✔ Model Performance & Scalability
✔ Troubleshooting

✔ Business Analysis
✔ Actuarial Product Pricing & Reporting
✔ Model Design & Development
✔ Test Design, Planning & Execution
✔ Model Governance & Control

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