Introducing 7

Find out what's new in the latest major version of the award-winning financial modelling platform. With a range of new platform components and a myriad of new features, 7 is the only tool needed to power the next generation of end-to-end insurance modelling.


Introducing Quotation Services

Insurers are failing to maximise their investments in financial modelling. This paper outlines ways in which existing models can be used to support other business applications outside of the actuarial reporting environment, and unlock significant cost & efficiency benefits.


Introducing the Excel Model Adapter

The Excel Model Adapter (“EMA”) allows any existing Excel-based workbook to be converted into an operational project. Once migrated, the project then benefits from the other best in class features of the platform, such as control, performance, transparency, flexibility and enterprise integration.


Next Generation Operational Modelling with

This paper outlines how the Operational Modelling Centre provides a best-in-class solution to the operational modelling requirements of a modern insurance company, regardless of its size and whether it runs on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.


White Papers

Delivering IFRS 17 with the Platform

Understand how adoption of the Financial Modelling Platform can accelerate the delivery of your IFRS 17 plans.


Data Integration with

This short paper outlines some of the typical data challenges associated with financial modelling and highlights how specific features of the Financial Modelling Platform enable customers to streamline & safeguard their data integration journey without resorting to additional processes / technology or using legacy integration approaches.


Lowering the Modelling Platform Migration Hurdle with

This paper details some of the barriers associated with the migration of financial models between modelling platforms, and challenges the commonly perceived idea that model migrations can never be justified. The paper outlines how some key features of the platform make model migrations not only a possibility, but potentially a worthwhile endeavour.


Advanced Computing Techniques with

This paper details some of the alternative approaches to traditional workload distribution and reviews its appropriateness for the life modelling requirements of today and tomorrow.


Financial Modelling in the Cloud with

This paper highlights the compelling cases and opportunities for using Cloud Computing within Financial Modelling.


End to End Modelling Governance with

This paper outlines how some of the key features & functionality of the platform can to help ensure that the right artefacts are used as part of any end-to-end modelling activity – from model design, development and testing through to operational use.


Introducing Modelling-as-a-Query

This paper outlines the potential benefits of integrating Quotations Service directly with a RDBMS platform, such as Microsoft SQL Server, using the innovative modelling-as-a-query (“MaaQ”) concept.


Use Cases Customer Case Studies

This collection of customer case studies brings together a wide variety of business challenges and demonstrates how our clients have leveraged the flexibility, power and integration potential of to deliver fit for purpose solutions.


Modernising Back Office Calculations with

This paper summarises how one of our clients has used to revolutionise their back-office calculations capability, increasing performance & flexibility, and reducing time, cost & risk.


End-User Computing to Enterprise Calculation Services with

Read how one of our clients consolidated and migrated a number of their EUC solutions to a core set of centrally supported enterprise calculations powered by


Datasheets Platform Overview is an award-winning service-oriented financial modelling platform which harnesses the latest technology to allow organisations to radically improve their actuarial & risk management modelling capabilities. This datasheet provides an overview of and the core components of the platform.


Mobile Modeller and Statement Generator Service Datasheet

The Mobile Modeller app is designed to illustrate how any user developed model can be published to the Quotations Service and called directly from a dedicated smartphone client. The app itself can easily be customised to use corporate branding and capture additional parameters as required.

Download Model Development Studio Hardware Requirements Datasheet

This datasheet summarises the hardware and software requirements needed to run the Model Development Studio.

Download Enterprise Services Hardware Requirements Datasheet

This datasheet summarises the hardware and software requirements needed to run the Quotations, Execution and Team Collaboration Services.

Download Source Control

This datasheet outlines the key features of the source control functionality for both individual developers and development teams.


Software Support Services Datasheet

This datasheet outlines the range of available support services available from Software Alliance when you purchase the platform.