Introducing the Financial Modelling Platform is an award-winning service-oriented financial modelling platform which harnesses the latest technology to allow organisations to radically improve their actuarial & risk management modelling capabilities. It is comprehensive, powerful and cost-effective, designed to meet all current and emerging insurance modelling needs. is currently used by companies in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Russia, Slovenia, Israel, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. offers unrivalled levels of speed, scalability, ease of use, flexibility and enterprise integration due to its modern, open, loosely-coupled architecture. allows users to develop their own bespoke models on top of a core set of extensible building blocks & components in order to reflect the features of their specific insurance products & business needs. Models can then be deployed for use by a multitude of business applications.

Platform Features provides a range of key features that differentiate it from the tranditional financial modelling solutions.

Ease & Speed of Development

The Model Development Studio includes a variety of features that are specifically designed to increase the productivity of the model development and testing community. The familiar, intuitive development environment, with features such as auto completion, syntax checking, source code control, together with advanced debugging and profiling functionality, reduces the time required to develop or change mission critical models & calculations.

Industry-Leading Performance

The modern, legacy-free architecture of the platform combined with the highly optimised model compiler results in a very small footprint for even the most complex models. In turn, this provides market-leading operational performance without resorting to exotic hardware, aggregated data, or reduced model functionality. For clients with exceptional or specific performance needs, also provides access to a range of advanced numerical algorithms which can be incorporated into existing modelling solutions without rewriting from scratch.

Enterprise Integration

For the first time, a single calculation kernel can support each stage of the insurance product lifecycle - from front-office quotations & illustrations, through core actuarial / risk reporting activities, into back-office policy administration & surrender value calculations.

Governance at the Core

The platform has been designed to meet the specific governance and audit needs of the insurance market. Whether it's managing model changes through Collaboration Services, providing different user groups with their own specific permissions using or monitoring / reporting who is doing what across the platform in realtime using Identity Services, offers best-in-class governance and audit functionality.

Cloud Native Services and APIs

All components of the Financial Modelling Platform can be deployed on-premise or off-premise, either in a fully managed, hosted environment, or in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. This offers incredible flexibility and scalability without incurring expensive infrastructure & support costs. Operational services deployed to the cloud can then be exposed via a range of public or private APIs.

Explore our Products

We offer an expanding range of software solutions to support all stages of the financial modelling lifecycle - from development through to operations.

Development & Productivity Tools

Our range of model development and associated productivity tools help modellers create powerful & scalable models easily and efficiently.

Model Development Studio

Providing a huge array of features to streamline the process of developing and testing new financial models.

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Documentation Service

Develop clear, consistent technical documentation for even the most complex modelling projects.

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Diagram Tool

Provides a visual overview of dependencies between project objects and between variables within a model.

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Worker Service Manager

Manage and monitor your distributed modelling cluster from a central console.

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Enterprise Services & Tools

Our enterprise services allow models to be published for use across as range of client applications running on a variety of devices - websites, mobiles, tablets, and other enterprise tools.

Quotations Service

Allowing any user developed model to be consumed on demand by a variety of client applications using a rich API.

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Execution Service

Enables any model to be consumed by any batch-oriented client application using a rich API.

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Enterprise Service Manager

Manage and monitor workloads across the operational modelling service components.

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Operational Modelling Centre

Specifically designed to address the operational modelling needs of all sizes of financial reporting enterprise, on any device.

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Identity Service

Enables the management of users, roles and permissions across the Financial Modelling Platform.

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Team Collaboration Service

Enables multiple users to collaborate on model development.

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