is a robust, flexible & scalable financial modelling and projection platform designed primarily for actuaries & risk managers to develop and run their own models. Models can be used to perform a variety of mission-critical modelling activities across a range of markets:

  • Life insurance
  • Mutual funds
  • Health insurance
  • Pensions

Typical modelling applications include:

  • Product development & pricing
  • New business illustrations & quotations
  • Valuation & reporting
  • Embedded value calculations
  • Statutory reserve calculations
  • Asset / liability management
  • Business planning & forecasting
  • Economic capital & corporate modelling
  • Profit testing
  • Experience / sensitivity analysis & decision support
  • Claims, surrenders and transfers

Models are developed using code ( rather than relying on predefined, proprietary or opaque libraries.


The foundation of is the Microsoft .Net Framework, which offers many advantages over alternative solutions:

  • Ease of understanding and promotion of code re-use
  • Optimisation and portability across a wide variety of on & off-premise infrastructure options

The kernel offers a huge library of predefined classes & functions appropriate to the needs of the most demanding model developer. Built-in capability can be further extended by the use of 3rd party libraries / components or by writing your own reusable functions. The model development process can be accelerated further by the use of standard model templates for a range of standard product types / applications


As a developer offers a number of best-in-class features to streamline the process of designing, developing and testing models. As an operational user provides significant advantages over other modelling systems.

Very modest infrastructure requirements to deliver majority of use-cases

64-bit / multi-threaded as standard–performance / scalability out of the box

Transparency / lineage of calculations – view any result at any point

Familiar / intuitive development language and environment

Inline code-driven data transformation tasks avoiding the need for separate steps

Subscription-based licensing model – scale up / down as required

Connectors for range of data sources / targets

Both intra & inter-project and model code re-use

Supports collaborative development / auditing / change management

Modelling-as-a-Service – integrate with variety of enterprise hosts

End-to-end performance across development, compilation, operation

Legacy-free architecture / platform

Industry-Leading Performance

With insurers under increased pressure from shareholders & regulators to unlock value & insight from actuarial models, provides the only platform required to accomplish this quickly, flexibly, accurately and economically. The modern, open, .NET-based platform combined allows even the most complex models to developed with a very small footprint. This in turn allows models to be deployed on a variety of commoditised hardware, either on premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, using traditional MIMD (multiple instructions multiple data) techniques such as Master Worker or HPC solutions. Together model runtimes can often be 50-100 times faster than first generation modelling platforms allowing billions of records to be modelling in a few hours without breaking the bank.

For customers with particularly demanding or exotic modelling requirements, and who wish to leverage vector processing techniques to solve a range of specific modelling problems, can make use of techniques such as SIMD (single instructions multiple data) to provide massively parallel solutions without the need to rewrite models from scratch. This provides a foundation for solving the next generation of modelling problems. Whatever the modelling problem and the operational requirement, provides efficient, scalable distributed processing solutions to avoid compromises between accuracy and speed.


While the calculation kernel offers unrivalled levels of performance, there are many situations when results are required even more rapidly. offers a range of workload distribution options to satisfy specific customer requirements. These options can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or using a combination of the two, providing customers with unrivalled levels of flexibility.


Master worker is our proprietary workload distribution solution. Integrated into the core platform, it provides users with the functionality and tools to manage the distribution of modelling tasks across hundreds of workstation / server cores within their own enterprise environment.

HPC Server

For customers who require industrial-strength scalability (thousands of compute nodes) or who have existing HPC installations to support other software products, the HPC Server Pack allows models to be deployed onto a new or existing HPC infrastructure with ease.

Cloud, APIs and Microservices

All components of the platform can be deployed to the cloud, either as isolated applications or as an integrated stack of services. This provides actuaries with increased flexibility, greater efficiency and scalability in their modelling operations, and overcome the limitations of traditional on-premise software installations.

We offer a range of cloud solutions to meet the requirements of our customers all for a single “all-in” subscription.. We manage the platform and the underlying infrastructure in a secure, hosted environment, using our experience and knowledge to optimise the customer experience. Customers are then free to develop and deploy models that meet their business needs, rather than using expensive / skilled resources to resolve platform integration challenges.

By utilising our range of enterprise / cloud services, any model can now be made available either privately or publicly via a range of APIs. This allows customers to develop rich client applications that reuse existing modelling / calculation investments.