Preparing for Pensions Dashboard

The Pensions Dashboards Programme aims to simplify retirement planning by consolidating all pension information in one easily accessible location for consumers.

End-to_end Processing

Delivering Pensions Dashboard Calculations with

The Financial Modelling Platform provides an effective solution through the development of specialised models for performing the calculations required for Pensions Dashboard legislation. These models can be seamlessly integrated with customer data hubs allowing calculations to be called from and results passed to the Pensions Dashboards Portal.

Other benefits of a Pensions Dashboard solution include:

  • Clear segregation between calculation development and operational use to ensure that live calculations cannot be changed
  • Governance is built in providing an audit trail of both the calculation development and the operational execution of the calculations
  • Detail behind calculations can be documented at the click of a button
  • Calculations are deployed in an environment that integrates easily with datahubs and other data storage solutions as well as directly to web-based portals
  • Calculations are carried out at speed and can be performed concurrently to increase performance

For further information regarding the Financial Modelling Platform and to discuss how can form part of your Pensions Dashboard solution, please get in touch.