We achieve results by bringing together a distinctive mix of diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds. We work as a team, creating an open forum for innovative thought, candid discussion, and mutual respect. But in the end, we always put commitment over consensus, and genuinely value excellence.

Our teams are small and nimble and innovate, experiment, and move at a fast pace. We’re a learning group of people with a growth mindset, and with a focus on people, technology and in-house creativity it’s an exciting time to join SAL. We work quickly and collaboratively to build smarter solutions on a global scale.

  • Working with Clients around the globe
  • 45+ Clients
  • Culture that embraces everyone
  • Small & nimble teams
  • Innovative, creative and collaborative environment
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  • Engineering

The Engineering group is responsible for development, manufacturing and supply chain management for SALs entire family of products. This team builds the platform and experience showcased within Mo.net. It’s a collaborative environment that really showcases the heart and soul of SAL.

  • Sales

The Sales department delivers our products and services to customers and partners all over the world. Delivering services, support, licencing, advertising and worldwide sales. Passion and personality matter when working with creative people across the globe.

  • Marketing

The Marketing team reaches and engages consumers and business globally about SALs products, services, and devices. We are passionate about content and our team focus is advertising, brand, communications, and media relations.

  • Consulting

The team help our Clients to design, develop and optimise their environments. Good Consultancy isn’t about talking from the side-lines, it’s about being involves and bringing ideas to life. Our Consultants have the experience and pragmatism to identify, create and help our Clients develop solutions that help their Company to succeed and have a positive impact. Our Consultants work very closely with Clients across the globe to ensure each project achieves the best outcome.

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We ensure our students and interns work on interesting, meaningful projects that are important to the business strategy and future of SAL.

  • Opportunity to work on real-world challenges
  • Learn from the experts
  • Develop your skills in a range of in-demand technologies
  • Have fun
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We are currently recruiting for the following roles. Please click on the link to read the full job description and for details on how to apply.

Software Developer


As part of our continued growth we are currently recruiting for a Software Developer.


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