Helping Enterprise IT Support the Modelling Community

We recognise the role that enterprise IT plays in supporting the financial modelling community, both in development and operational environments. IT support is often fundamental to the stability, productivity and success of the entire modelling enterprise.

We are making significant efforts to make the platform as simple, efficient and robust to install, configure, upgrade, and support in even the most complex environments. And if things do go wrong, we want to make sure the cause is quicky identified and a solution found, minimisng any potential downtime for the user community.


The foundation of is the Microsoft .NET Framework. This provides a scalable and robust industry-standard platform appropriate to meet the needs of a modern insurance enterprise. It also means that models & calculations have a very light footprint, allowing them to be easily distributed across the enterprise as web services, APIs or independent libraries. is the only service-oriented financial modelling platform. This architecture provides immense flexibility and control, whether using the platform on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Enterprise Integration

The primary differentiator of the platform compared to legacy financial modelling systems is the ability to integrate models & calculations developed by actuaries / risk managers into the wider insurance ecosystem. This allows logic to be developed & validated by appropriate resources, but consumed by users & enterprise systems outside of the actuarial / risk function - e.g. websites, mobile apps, business intelligence tools and policy administration systems. Naturally the platform can integrate with a huge variety of operational / transactional database platforms to source data & assumptions, either using native connectors or third party drivers.

We've recently extended the platform to allow models & calculations to be compiled silently as part of an end-to-end process. This allows end-users to be removed from the critical path of deploying models into a live environment. What's more is that traditional service management systems, such as SCOM or Splunk can be used alongside the platform to make the challenge of supporting the user community as simple as possible.


While the calculation kernel offers unrivalled levels of performance, there are many situations when results are required even more rapidly. offers a range of workload distribution options - including third party clustering solutions such as Micorosoft HPC Server or Azure cloud resources - to satisfy specific customer requirements. These options can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment, providing customers with unrivalled levels of flexibility.

Governance & Security

Robust governance and security is at the heart of the platform. This includes the model / calculation development environment, which has traditionally been difficult to control. By adopting industry-standard configuration management solutions such as TFS or Azure DevOps, end-to-end governance can finally be applied to the financial modelling landscape. Furthermore, the platform can integrate with on or off-premise Active Directory instances (with or without SSO), providing seamless control / governance of the entire platform.

In the operational environment Enterprise Services can use industry-standard encryption protocols to ensure senstive information is always protected.

Technical Support

For major client implement projects we will assign a dedicated Client Implementation Manager to help you achieve your objectives. They will work closely with both business and IT to ensure the implementation of your platform goes as smoothly as possible.