Introducing 7.5

Empowering Model Developers & Operational Users to Achieve More 7.5 is the latest version of the award-winning service oriented financial modelling & calculation platform. Specifically designed to support the emerging needs of next generation insurers, this latest release adds a wealth of new features & functionality designed to meet the requirements of traditional insurers and start-ups.

The features included in 7.5 are focused on refining the end-to-end user experience and enhancing our support for the operational modelling community. We continue to extend the integration potential of the platform with a range of enhancements to our enterprise technology connectors to help provide best-in-class modelling & calculation across the insurance ecosystem.

What You'll Love About 7.5 7.5 includes new features and enhancements to existing functionality that make the development, deployment, integration and consumption of models & calculations faster, easier and more controlled.


Enterprise & Cloud Integration 7.5 includes a range of new features & functionality to further enhance the integration potential of the platform, both in the enterprise and in the cloud.

  • Significant enhancements to the Command Line Compiler (CLiC) giving users more flexibility when generating models or service packages from outside Model Development Studio
  • Enhancement to resource configuration within Cloud Portal
  • Addition of Administration functionalities within Cloud Portal
  • Expansion of multi-tenant functionality to Cloud Portal

User Experience 7.5 continues to refine the user experience to make everyday tasks easier and more intuitive

  • Extended range of sample projects included in Model Development Studio further reducing barrier to entry
  • Further refinements to the Model Development Studio user interface to make it more intuitive & accessible
  • Improved input selection from excel files
  • Further enhancements to the Operational Modelling Centre particularly around additional tasks
  • Enhancements to enable connection to Oracle via a Proxy


Governance and Control 7.5 delivers enhanced governance & control functionality from calculation development through to operational use and everywhere in between.

  • Additional items added to run progress feedback for reading and writing of input/output and record processing information
  • Improved error handling & reporting to make the ask of root cause problem analysis more efficient
  • Enhancements to Reporting functionality within Operational Modelling Centre
  • Improved protection functionality to prevent unwanted changes to modelling projects
  • Additional source control connector for GitHub

Performance & Scalability 7.5 includes a number of performance improvements for both development and operational users.

  • Improved integration with SQL databases for both reading and writing data
  • Improved performance when loading large datasets
  • Refinements to memory usage when using workers and suppressing output
  • Further enhancements to platform logging functionality to provide improved fault resolution in large enterprise / cloud deployments

We’re confident that the improvements and refinements included in 7.5 will further enhance the end-to-end modelling experience for all members of the user community.