Introducing IFRS Assess Enterprise

IFRS Assess Enterprise is an accelerator tool that helps insurers understand the impact of IFRS 17 on their business.

Developed in collaboration with MBE Consulting and powered by, the tool can be configured for both the General Measurement Model (GMM) and Variable Fee (VFA) approaches and provides valuable insights to actuarial teams affected by the regulatory changes.

Why Choose IFRS Assess Enterprise

  • Provides valuable insights into assessing the various options and interpretations permitted within the IFRS 17 principles
  • Ensures that the implementation of any required changes is effective, efficient and avoids excessive implementation costs, reducing overall project risk
  • Improved speed, scalability & transparency of calculations
  • Allows third party integration with a range of enterprise tools for reporting i.n. Power BI, Qlik, Tableau or Excel
  • Provides clarity and certainty to boards on the impacts of various decisions on the IFRS 17 Balance Sheet and Income Statement


Results with IFRS Assess Enterprise


Integration with third party tools - PowerBI example

IFRS Assess Enterprise provides the necessary governance, audit capability, and performance to support operational reporting.
Start assessing the impact of IFRS 17 in 4 easy steps:

IFRS Assess Enterprise Timeline

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IFRS Assess Enterprise was developed in collaboration with MBE Consulting.
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