Enterprise Services & Tools

The loosely coupled, open architecture of Mo.net together with the modest footprint of most models opens up the possibility of properly segregating model development from model operational. Rather than using model development platforms for operational use, with the inherent risks of accidental or malicious model change, we are offering dedicated solutions to support the needs of the different user communities. Our Enterprise Services & Tools allow compiled models to be published to Quotations and / or Execution Services and consumed using a rich API by one or more applications, either on demand or in batch.

Quotations Service

The Mo.net Quotations Service enables you to perform individual insurance quotations or illustration calculations It allows user-developed models to be consumed on demand (policy-by-policy) and synchronously by a number of consumer applications – typically customer / IFA-facing websites, mobile applications or back-office administration systems. The service implementation allows for native workload distribution across many cores (to meet any scalability / bandwidth considerations) and also includes built-in load-balancing functionality through an associated “router service” to ensure a responsive service to consumer applications.

To experience the flexibility and performance of the Mo.net Quotations Service for yourself, please visit the demonstration site below.

Quotations Service Demo

Execution Service

The Mo.net Execution Service enables any model that has been published to be consumed by any batch-oriented client application. This allows large blocks of business or complete portfolios to be modelled asynchronously. Typical applications of the Execution Service might be to generate a set of customer-facing annual statements as part of an overnight batch.

Enterprise Service Manager

Enterprise Service Manager is designed to manage and monitor workloads across the Mo.net operational modelling service components. Two services are provided as part of the Mo.net Financial Modelling Platform – Quotations Service and Execution Service. These are designed to provide individual and batch calculations respectively to a range of client applications, including web and mobile-based solutions. The Enterprise Service Manager provides visibility of these service activities, and also allows administrators to add new models to the service catalogue without having to change the client applications directly.

Enterprise Service Manager

Managing Mo.net Enterprise Services using Enterprise Service Manager

Enterprise Service Manager

Monitoring Quotations Service workload using Enterprise Service Manager

Identity Service & Identity Service Manager

The first generation of financial modelling platforms were released into an environment where strict governance and control were provided on a best endeavours basis, and where there was little to differentiate development and production environments. Since then, the modelling / risk landscape has changed dramatically: regulatory and corporate governance now require strict control over every element of the financial reporting machinery. Unfortunately, while the modelling platforms have evolved, the features associated with security, governance and control have remained largely unchanged. The Mo.net Identity Service and Mo.net Identity Service Manager components seek to address this shortcoming in Mo.net, and offer industry leading capability in this space.

Identity Service Manager

Administering user profiles using Identity Service Manager

Identity Service Manager

Assigning role permissions using Identity Service Manager

Source Control Connectors

The key features of Mo.net’s source control functionality are free for lone developers to use without an additional licence. To enable the full collaborative potential of Mo.net source control, one of our source control connectors for a range of industry-standard configuration management tools (e.g. TFS / Git) must be licensed & installed. This enables multiple users to work simultaneously on a single Mo.net project and share their changes with each other.

More Information

For more information regarding Mo.net Enterprise Services & Tools, or to request a demonstration / trial, please get in touch.