What is Excel Model Adapter?

The Mo.net Excel Model Adapter (“EMA”) allows any existing Excel-based workbook to be converted into an operational Mo.net project. Once migrated, the project then benefits from the other best in class features of the Mo.net platform, such as control, performance, transparency, flexibility and enterprise integration

The EMA converts all elements of the source workbook content, including data, functions and code modules (VBA) into corresponding & clearly segregated Mo.net components – models, inputs, parameters, functions, tables and tasks. The user has the choice to convert an entire workbook, a specific set of elements (cells, functions, ranges, etc), or only the elements required to derive a particular set of results. This allows source spreadsheet-based models containing redundant data or calculations to be simplified as part of the conversion process. With all required elements of the source workbook converted into a Mo.net project, the user can use the best-in-class interactive debugging features of the platform to satisfy themselves that the project is working as expected before using the converted model in the operational environment or as a basis for further development / refinement.


Selecting a Migration Strategy & Options


Defining Target State Mo.net Objects

Request a Demonstration

Please get in touch if you would like a demonstration of the Excel Model Adapter and how it can help industrialise your spreadsheet modelling ecosystem.